Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sunlight And Shadows

started a walk at the village of Linton, Cambs / sun shining / wind strong / chilly /

old pub / found the right road / newer housing / cross the grass / ancient sunken lane / dozens of small birds sheltering from the wind / ascend Rivey Hill /

on top a water tower / seen so many times on distant skyline /

continue down lane of stones / fields harvested and mostly ploughed / blackberries still sweet / crows tossed by the wind

across rolled fields to the Roman Road / just a track now / once linked Colchester-Cambridge-Godmanchester / north-west of Cambridge it's the dreaded A14 / here a track for tractors / Roman-road-straight but grassy and tree-lined / acorns /

walking boots or Roman sandals / the path curves just a little in its dotage /

to meet a crossroads called Mark's Grave / who was mark? / criminal / gypsy / a favourite horse or dog / no one knows / just afterwards a footbridge over a little stream /

sunlight chased across the landscape / restless windblown cloudshadows /

cows solemnly chewing / gazing and grazing / a buzzard flies over / wood pigeon feathers on the path /

the village of Horseheath / a church /

a perfect garden shed / and / as it's Horseheath /

there's a horse / of course /

by sunken lane and field-edge path / pheasant and partridge / descending gently to Bartlow village /

the church contains three secrets / and behind the church three wonders / shhh! / (I'll tell you next time) /

and so by disused railway line / lanes / back to Linton / Rivey Hill behind /

take care.


  1. Wonderful shot of the White Park cows, or are those Blue Sucklers? Did some back reading on your blog today - the shot of the three horned Charolais cross heifers in the barn was my favourite.

  2. A wonderful walk John - with lots of things to see along the way - How amazing to be actually walking part of a Roman Road!
    Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

  3. Love the shot of the sunken lane and the broad vista with the church steeple, oh and Mark's Grave... it does make me wonder... lovely walk about!

  4. lovely post and photos--would love to walk a Roman path---enjoy the mixture of nature and history--

  5. LOvely walk and photos especially the sunken lane and the oak leaves. Now I'm looking forward to reading about Bartlow Church:)

  6. A wonderful selection John - my favourites are the pub, bridge, shed and the acorns. Enjoyed the accompanying story too! Have a great week.

  7. That's the sort of walk I like John - from the comfort of my armchair. Don't you get a feeling of continuity though from walking on old Roman roads or old established foot paths - you can't help absorbing some of the spirit of those who have walked it before. Lovely tour.

  8. A great walk and lovely photos!

  9. What a fun post to read with splendid images...nice one John!

  10. Thank you all. Interesting that each of you enjoyed different photos. Glad you enjoyed the outing - I did too!


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