Friday, 7 October 2011

Going Out In Glory

Yesterday was the first day of Autumn - official. It was the first day that I wore a jumper all day since the end of April. But it was also the last glorious day of Summer. I looked out of the window to see this wonderful show from the Morning Glory. They may be weeds in some parts of the world but here they are grown as garden flowers and admired for their brief but undoubted beauty. This little treasure had no less than forty-seven blooms on it yesterday (some are tucked away out of sight in the photo). So lets enjoy this last flourish of summer.

Take care.


  1. How can you grow such wonderful morning glory John - we never get a flower on it up here.

  2. Beautiful! I've tried a couple of times to grow morning glory but have never suceeded:)

  3. Those are just beautiful - I've never grown Morning Glory but am thinking I should give them a try next year.


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