Sunday, 30 October 2011

Messing About On The River

Messing about in boats
messing about with cameras,
plenty of people
were messing about on the River Cam in Cambridge.

drifting up river

peering under bridges

riverside wandering

waiting for...well, punters (!)


A postcard image


cruising past Kings'

Y 042 and friends

bridge folk

a gate with a lens in it

done with messing about for another year

Take care.


  1. Wonderful geometric lines and composition in your photos today.

  2. Wow! You have so many really top shot images here! Love the canoes the best.. no maybe the... lol, hard to choose!

  3. A nice set of photos and well captioned! I agree with the musical gardener.

  4. I seem to catch up with you once a week ....and what a great catch up it has been this week. You illustrate it all so wonderfully with your photos. This post brought back memories of standing on a bridge in Cambridge about 30 years ago... over looking the peaceful water and watching happy punters pass below.

  5. Wonderful photos! Agree about the geometrical composition of the photos but I love the lighting, reflections and textures too. The gate with a lens in it is fascinating:)

  6. Great set of photos. So varied and interesting, but all wonderful.

  7. Excellent series of images John, thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful photographs John, particularly that last one, which is so romantic.


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