Monday, 24 October 2011

Dawning Of The Day

Until a couple of years ago I had a regular Sunday walk. Up early, walk through the village, cross a local nature reserve, along a green path, into the next village, alongside a field, follow the little stream, down the lane and then climb over a fence to walk around the bird reserve at Fowlmere. After a morning of birdwatching I'd retrace my steps, diverting to the garden centre where they serve a very acceptable Sunday lunch. But circumstances change and I've had other things to do on Sunday (like work, for example) so I hadn't been for a while. Till today.

The sky gradually brightening, but the sun still below the horizon.

A footpath runs through this field;
I decided to go the other way!

The half-light lends a rosy glow
to the autumn hues.

The sun finally made it!

Mist hung over the fields to the south. 

Fieldfares, Redwings, Siskins.......

....Teal, Snipe, Kingfisher, Water Rail....

.....and Mr Heron waiting patiently for breakfast.

On the east meadow this enchanting scene.

One of the many tiny streamlets.

On my way home I met these fine creatures,
Manx Loghtan sheep. Their name simply means
"mouse-brown sheep from the Isle Of Man".

A splendid morning.

Take care.  


  1. Hello John, What lovely photographs illustrating a perfect walk! I think autumn is one of the best times for walking. There are so many colours to see. Did you see a kingfisher this time? There are quite a few near us but it's a couple of years since I've seen one. I remember one day when my son and I saw three!
    Jane x

  2. A stunning way to start your day John. Beautiful captures in all areas. Thank you so much for sharing these delightful scenes to start our week. Have a good one.

  3. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. We didn't get out for our walk yesterday, one thing and another. Unfortunately we rarely see cows on any of our travels. Bully does look a bit menacing, probably best you went a different route.

  4. A wise decision to go the other way John - that bull seems to be looking straight at you and he is a very big lad.

    Lovely early morning photographs.

  5. A wonderful morning walk and I love the snaps you've taken along the way - especially that cow and calf - just delightful!

  6. beautiful---love all the farm animals--my favorite snap of this group is the fifth one of a path thru trees--so inviting for a fall walk

  7. A splendid morning, indeed. And a splendid place in which to spend it. Jim

  8. Splendid indeed! I love the colours in you sunrise photos. When I try to photograph sunrise/set my camera won't reproduce the colours as I'd like - what camera do you use?!

  9. I did the same thing as you on Sunday morning. I took a fine walk down in the woods with the autumn colors at their peak. Today I posted about my day of hawkwatching on Friday, but Roundtop Ruminations will have one day this week devoted to my morning walk. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

  10. I love how so many of your photos here have that rosy glow! Very nice. Glad you were wise enough to take another path when you saw the bull. :)

  11. Thanks for all your comments. To answer a couple of questions: Yes, I did see a Kingfisher, there seem to be fewer around this year after the harsh winter. To take photos of sunsets or sunrise you need to expose for the sky rather than the foreground - on most cameras just point the camera at the brightest part of the sky, partly depress the shutter, then bring the camera down and take the photo. Hope that helps. If your camera allows it you can set it to underexpose.

  12. thanks for the camera comment - i do try what you suggested... I've had cameras in the past that have done it well but I really don't like my current one, it won't do sunsets and there are other bits that annoy me so I'm looking to save up for a new one and try a different brand!


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