Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In The Garden

Since Dad passed away last year I seem to have inherited his garden - but not, alas, his "green fingers". It has been a steep learning curve for me as I have progressed from no-sort-of-gardener-at-all to a-pretty-poor-sort-of-gardener. However I have had some successes as plants have managed to thrive in spite of the lack of tender care which they deserve. Just occasionally I find I've done something right quite by mistake - a more spiritual person might conclude that Dad was looking over me in those moments.

I planted some foxglove seeds last year. According to the packet they were going to flower in the first year; they didn't of course, they waited till this year as nature had always intended, but look as though they're planning a fine show. And they do attract bees and other pollinators.

The Californian poppies are also flourishing in the unusually warm, dry weather we've had so far this year. This photo looks like I've been adding special effects but is actually just a cheap camera trying to deal with an extremely contrasty subject.

I also bought some other plants a few weeks ago. They were not in pots and had been stored in a way that deprived them of light. Despite this I was assured that all it needed was to be laid on some well stamped down soil and watered. Once established I intend to walk all over these plants and cut off the growing tips about once a week - yes, I laid some turf. What remarkable stuff grass is to survive the treatment we give it. The watering is often down to my brother, Les and he won't forgive me if I fail to include a picture of the pansies he planted.

             Take care


  1. Most of us start out as 'no sort of gardener at all' and you look as though you're doing OK. You'll soon have progressed to 'really quite a decent gardener':)

  2. I had the same problem two years ago. While my sisters were bragging about all the beautiful spring flowers they had growing, I was harvesting weeds. So, they gave me some of their plants and two sisters gave me some plants from Mom's gardens. I was told, "you can't kill these, they're hardy plants". Okay, I planted them, hovered over them, and spoke to them as much as I could. Nothing. After two years of waiting, I finally have irises that are the envy of my neighbors. We really do learn as we go, John. I'm still learning! And, your dad would be proud!!! Your inherited garden looks beautiful!

  3. I forgot to mention my "weeds", Lizzie. I've got violas that self-seed all over the place. They immediately fill up any space where other plants fail. As for becoming any sort of decent gardener, Rowan, well......

  4. I love pansies...and used to always have some. I planted a couple foxgloves a few years ago and they didn't survive, so planted a couple more last year. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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