Monday, 2 May 2011

All The Fun Of The Fair

Off to Royston today with some of the  young people I look after to join in with their "Fun Day". We try to make every day of the year a fun day for them but apparently the poor people of Royston only have one a year so we went to show them how it was done!

Vintage cars

Local Big Band - Opus 14


Ice cream van - always popular

Let me have a lick!

Everyone had a great time. But tomorrow it's back to school!

Take care.


  1. Hi John, What an interesting blog - and some great photos. I look forward to seeing more. You live in such a beautiful part of England. And yes, it's hard to get back to work/school after a few days off in glorious May sunshine.

  2. THis looks like a really fun day, the red vintage car is fabulous, I love the cars from the 1930s and 1940s. Love brass bands and ice cream too:)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the post. We certainly enjoyed our day as we do every year.

  4. I had a toy car like that red one when I was young. It was my favorite until, of course, I lost it, as I did with the toys I didn't break.


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