Saturday, 8 September 2012

Windows Of Opportunity

The fascination with windows continues:

Psychedelic pshadows!

The modern look:
clear but complex.


Winking windows.

A multi-faceted view of a Cambridge park.

Lord Fairhaven's outlook.

high-quality street-art.


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Take care.


  1. I liked the hiding one for the peaking out into a colourful cottage-garden, and then Lord Fairhaven's window is pretty hard to beat

  2. My favourite is the Winking Windows, you are so observant John! Great shots!

  3. I'm fascinated by the Cambridge Park reflections. Are the panes set at varying angles so they reflect differently, or do we have some PhotoShop going on here? And the "modern" one?

  4. Absolutely brilliant photographs John - think my favourite is the Park reflections too.

  5. A fine collection, John. I wanted to go over right away to fix the winking window.

  6. Windows have always tugged at the camera. Back before digital and when I was a younger fellow I used to tote an old Rollie twin lens reflex around. Now I wonder why I did. I never did have an eye for anything photographic. The same, however, cannot be said of you. A tip of the hat to you, mate.

  7. Ah, I always throughly enjoy your widow series... you have a sharp eye for the unique John :^)

  8. I love them all - I feel like winking back at the winking window. And the many Cambridge Park reflections are amazing!

  9. I enjoyed this series, Jon. Lord Fairhaven's window is quite lovely, and the winking windows made me smile. ;)

  10. loved them all . . . and your imagination and creativity. thanks,


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