Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Age Of The Machine

More photos from Quy Country Fair - this time concentrating on the machinery on view.

An array of tractors

Fordson - a very fine tractor in its day.

This one needs a little work...

Used to have to start one of these old Nuffields
 every day when I was a lad.
Otherwise it would never start again!

Representing the power of steam...
Ruston Proctor "Success"
10-ton general purpose engine
from 1914.

I don't know much about these.
But German and from the late 30s.

I'm pretty sure this is a Vauxhall Velox from the late 50s

A BMW Isetta (officially),
but it'll always be a bubble-car to me.
You could go faster on the carousel behind!

The old "gallopers" were powered by steam too.

But how about a ride on this little train?
Pleeeeeeease, Mum!

Take care.


  1. These cars are vintage and special. Yet you have exercised photographer's eye for this in deed.

  2. I think that little bubble car was made for Mr. Beane

  3. Looks like fun; wish I could have been there. Do you have more pictures? A former girlfriend's father had a Vauxhall back in the late 50s. And it was interesting to see the 50s Fordson tractors and see their similarity to the U.S. version Fords of the period. I remember the Isetta, but I didn't remember it being built by BMW. I'd hate to be in one in a collision!

  4. What struck me with your images was the wonderfully bright colours of the tractors etc! Much better than the Silver colour that every other car seems to be these days!

    ps: My apologies if anyone has a Silver car...I had one once upon a time! ;)

  5. The farmer has enjoyed these photographs John and thanks you for them. He has a couple of little old grey Fergies which are still in working order.

  6. I like them all but the train won my heart. I once drove about 100 miles in one of those bubble cars, and it was pretty old too. Ah the things you do when you are young!

  7. so nice to see your fairs, we are having the same kind of fair here....it is comforting to see the similarities in this world of ours, so vast, so diverse, but it is the universal similarities in our celebrations that seems to unite us together. You got some great shots at your fair.

  8. I've never experienced a fair like this but what wonderful machines, even that bubble car! I love those tractors and that classic train. Lovely series.

  9. Marvellous capture of vibrant colours in that first shot, John. The miniature train is charming and I bet everyone wanted a ride! Looks like a great day out.

  10. What a fantastic collection, and walk back in time. I love photographing these old contraptions and automobiles, and find them fascinating. Ha, I might just try riding the carousel to work one day :^)

  11. I'd like a ride on the carousel. Not sure I've seen a steam powered one before, but I suppose at one time they all were.

  12. Bubble car? Okay, I can see why you'll always call it that.

  13. What an amazing array of goodies! Love the colourful carousel. Did the little boy get to have a ride on the tiny train? Talking Mums, Mum had a lovely birthday thank you, but had so many phone calls that when she went to go out into the garden, the midges had arrived and drove her indoors!

  14. I use to drive a Fordson Major in my youth John, no cab or anti roll bar, hard metal seat, often soaking wet. (Just put my violin away again).


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