Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Word On The Street - Trinity Street

Just an idea I had.
Can you show the character of a street
 by the words and signs seen there?
It took a long time to assemble,
but I may try it again for another street.

Take care.


  1. a creative concept you came up with John; a collage of street signage; looks impressive set out like that too; like a work of art

  2. Interesting collage. Bookshops, Chinese food, classical concerts, no cars, political talks, restaurants with bars, artisan crafts, fundraiser, University Outfitters, Latin. Sounds like the place to be if you're a student. Just not too sure about the one way sign, if university is supposed to broaden the mind. Really like the way you layered the design.

  3. This is a lovely and creative image, John.

  4. Oh well done John, I can't even imagine how you achieved this but it's incredibly effective.


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