Monday, 18 June 2012

In And Out The Windows

I've been out collecting windows again.

From the top:

1) near Magdalene bridge, Cambridge
2) a cottage in Grantchester
3) in Meldreth
4) shop window in Cambridge
5) we aim to take you to exotic locations;
view from gents public toilet in St Neots!
6) in Meldreth again
7) old house and new car, Trumpington
8) back to Magdalene bridge -
 the half-timbered building (top left)
is the same one that's reflected in the top picture

Take care.


  1. These are all great, but I love the first one... it is art! I believe you are a man of infinite curiosity, otherwise you would not have such an encyclopedic knowledge of your surroundings, which you share with us daily :^)

  2. Great window photos, all so different - I particularly like the first one and the last one too:)

  3. They're brilliant. Have you thought of a book of windows? I am sure you have some wonderful examples.

  4. Brilliant piece of Art John.

  5. That top one is brilliant! Good spotting. I like the second one too.

  6. Love your photos! The window ones are right up my street (not literally!)
    I really enjoy browsing your blog. You're welcome to browse mine too when you get the time. Keep up the good work!
    Shetland Isles

  7. Image 1 truly is a work of art. Your "eye" never fails you!


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