Wednesday, 13 June 2012

How Lucky Can You Be?

(Just my Sunday morning stroll)

Woke up with sun streaming through the trees

walked beside a little river, barely six feet wide

happy as a pig in...
...shall we say...

emerged from the trees beneath a cirrus-streaked sky

took the path beside the churchyard

poppies and daisies along the roadside

even old sheds looked good on this fine morning

a fine crop of wheat growing in the fields

and people were coming out of church

How lucky can you be?

Take care.


  1. another lovely series of day to day. Yes, and counting our blessings as we go ...

  2. I could just hear Gordon MacRae singing "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" as I scanned down through your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It isn't hard to notice the good things in life if you just look for them. You demonstrated that here. Very nice.

  4. You must be living in a different country to me! Blue skies? Sunshine? You certainly are lucky:) The poppies though - there were lots of them when I was in Suffolk last weekend and they looked wonderful, such lovely bright splashes of colour on what was decidedly grey weather.

  5. I love these simple and yet thought provoking posts you do John! Delightful!

  6. Being lucky is in large part an attitude, and you have a good attitude, John. It was a fine walk.

  7. I do like a mixed bunch of pictures from a stroll. Hopefully before I arrive back in Blighty, we'll have some more of the weather you seem to have had on Sunday morning.


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