Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Garbage And The Flowers

A morning ramble brought this unexpected series of pictures......

          ......an old Morris van in someone's driveway....

                                                    .......foxgloves by the garden fence.....

                                .....ox-eye daisies on the roadside....

                                                                       .....a discarded Guinness can.....

                        .....overgrown hedgerow.....

                                                                           ......a little rose peeping through....

                                              ........cigarette packet....silver and gold.....

                                                          .....the sunlight shining through the green.....

                            ......the mural in the underpass.....

                                                                            ......what say you, Mr Rabbit?

Take care.


  1. John, you can create more interest out of commonplace scenes than anyone! It's a talent! Well done. Jim

  2. Lucky you to have a wild rose out John - my favourite flower and no where near out up here. Good set of photographs - you certainly have an eye for the details of life.

  3. i like the daisies and discard guiness can

  4. I want that car! You can have the beer can and cigarette wrapper.

  5. What an enterprising and creative fellow you are, John, to make such intriguing photos from such mundane finds. A good eye, too!

  6. The Morris in the driveway is just picture perfect ... Worth taking a morning stroll for.John Oh! How I love foxgloves !

  7. What a lovely series, John. (Well, maybe not the mural in the underpass.)

    You are right. Marcelle and Joe were charming people and a lot of fun to spend time with.

  8. Love the Ox-eye Daisies John! A clever post!

  9. It is much better to Walk the Camera than to Walk the Dog :-)
    Please continue.

  10. The old Morris van looks expectantly through the fence, hoping for an outing. The bunny is happy. He's already out. Lovely wild rose.

  11. What delightful tidbits from the mundane. The moment you gave focus on them, they look having started shining. I like the William-Morris-like patterns of leaves and Peter Rabbit.


  12. That's a wonderful eclectic collection. I feel like I went with you on that excursion. ;)

  13. There are some really lovely photos here John - I never thought that anyone would make a discarded Guiness can look attractive:) Don't like the mural though, it's an art form that simply doesn't appeal to me - sorry!


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