Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Another World

What kind of people...

What kind of people
live on boats.
trees are rooted,
driftwood floats

What kind of people
 coil those ropes,
paint their castles,
live their hopes.

What kind of people
cast off here,
slip their moorings,

What kind of people
so remote
still need wheels to
float their boat

What kind of people
the means by which they

What kind of people
freedom seek,
then find shelter 
cheek to cheek.

What kind of people,
might just choose,
set their roots in
dancing shoes

What kind of people
live on boats.
Trees get cut down,
Driftwood floats.

Take care,
ye mariners all,
take care


  1. your poetry made a really interesting post John; takes some thinking to put it all together like you did turning your images into a little story

  2. Such well-observed photos John and clever little ryhmes to go with them, although judging from the state of the plants, dancing shoes don't make very good plant pots.

  3. A masterpiece in prose and image John, a masterpiece.

  4. I guess 'Another World' best describes their lives. The gold shoe planters maybe are a good metaphor -dreams of fancy filled with dirt,and hopes and plans with no room to root. It would be interesting to chat with some of the boaters and hear their stories.

  5. Lovely musings, John. What sort of people, indeed - I think I would have a fondness for them. Great post.

  6. How do you do it...a wonderful post John!

  7. That took a lot of time and thought and talent to piece together the poem matched with the photos. Very good, John.

  8. Made me want to get in a boat and shove off : )
    Great post-and photos too!

  9. I like it..I really like it. I love to see your world, all the little things you picked out on the dock and they are so colorful...I enjoy a peek into your mind when you write, I wish I could write like you do. How do you think of what to write, there is music in your writing also.
    I also think who are these boaters!


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