Monday, 4 June 2012


"She's a wonderful woman, the Queen."

"Ar, I know...wonderful"

"Still looks smart an' got all 'er facilities, she 'as."

"I r'members I saw 'er once. Long whiles back. I were at school. 'Ad the day orff, we did, so's we could watch the Royal car go by 'long the main road. Big owd grey motor, an' the driver ad on a uniform an' a big m'stosh too. An' the Queen - only she weren't the Queen then, she were just a little gal, Princess 'Lizbeth - she looked right at us and we waved our little owd flags and she waved right back at us 'n' all. That were years ago, mind."

"Yes, wonderful woman, she is."

"Anyways I see'd her again a few years back. She come by in 'er car with the owd Dook o' Hedinbra. Well, 'e 'ad 'is nose up in the air, the Dook, like a right owd toff. Never looked at us. But 'er Majesty she looked right t'wards us an' waved at me again. Wonderful woman..... R'membered me arter all them years!"

"Marvellous......arter all them years.....!"

Take care.


  1. :) I'm loving the Dook o' Hedinbra. Watch the River Pageant tonight; shame on all the rain. I admired those wonderful singers in the downpour!

  2. I can just hear them talking :) Thanks, John! This made my morning.

  3. I didn't know you were acquainted with my grandmother, John......great post.

  4. Funny how you can even type the accent! Great post

  5. love to hear that accent, much needed humour for the day ...thanks!

  6. Congratulations to one and all.
    I saw a large part of the Thames Pageant. Great Stuff,

    PS Thank you for the nice comment!

  7. John, I am learning not to read your blog at work. Either I laugh out loud (which make folks look at me) or I wind up missing England. This is a lovely post (which made me laugh out loud)! Thank you. love and hugs Theresa

  8. I like it:) Actually the first time I saw the Queen she was still Princess Elizabeth, however since I was only two years old I have no memory of it whatever so she may or may not have waved to me:) I only know I saw her because my mum told me so.


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