Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Museum Of Fen Edge Village Life

Whilst in Burwell at the end of last week I took the opportunity to visit The Burwell Museum Of Fen Edge Village Life. It does exactly "what it says on the tin", records the changing life in the fen edge villages. It's one of those places which runs on lots of enthusiasm and never quite enough money. It's absolutely crammed with exhibits; I'll just let the photos do the talking....

Windmill, shepherd's hut, barn, telephone box,
signpost, bus shelter, bench, stocks...

Beds, rocking horse, dolls, bricks, chamber pots...

Delivery bike, posters and signs

As if I would!!

Clay pipes, baccy, Oxo, Bisto, biscuits, treacle...

Never-to-be-repeated prices

Flour, colander, milk bottles, jars, scales, tins...

Eggs, eggs, eggs....

Seed-fiddle, drill, harrow, sheaves, scythe...

Tools, tools, tools...

Tractor and implement shed

The smallest room

Take care. And if you're ever in the vicinity take the time to visit the museum.  


  1. Thanks for the rollick through the museum - absolutely love museums and a look at our recent past.

  2. What a fabulous capture of times past; don't you just love the collection of old tins and the memories some of them evoke?

  3. This looks such an interesting museum,often the places run on enthusiasm and a shoestring are better for it - there's more real atmosphere there. The huge cobweb behind all the tools made me smile:)

  4. Lovely photos John of a bygone era - strange to think that there was a time when we thought it was admirable to collect birds' eggs.

  5. Wonderful old museum John! I could spend hours rummaging around in a place like that - love the old delivery bike!

  6. It looks like it could take a week to see everything!

  7. Thank you all for taking the time to visit and comment. I love the fact that the exhibits seem to have taken over the museum, no one's quite had time to sort it all out and no one's got around to putting explanatory notices all over the place. It's as if they just expect that "everyone will know what that ol' thing is!"


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