Thursday, 8 September 2011

As I Was Going To St Ives.....

The one in Cambridgeshire rather than Cornwall.

Probably the most famous view in the little market town,
the old bridge seen from the quay.

You will have noticed that there's a small chapel
 built in the middle of the bridge,
one of only four such bridges in England.
If you're really sharp-eyed you'll have spotted
that the arch on the left hand end of the bridge is a slightly different shape.
During the English Civil War Cromwell's men
destroyed part of the bridge 
and inserted a drawbridge so that they could control the river crossing.
When the bridge was rebuilt it didn't quite match up. 

The quay looks good from the bridge too.
Once an important dock
now only pleasure boats moor here.

The market cross and All Saints Church.

The area known as The Waits.
Two explanations of the name;
a) derived from an ancient Anglo-Saxon word of unknown meaning
b) it's where boats used to wait!

A hidden side street -
there are lots of little passages and alleys.

A quiet backwater.

Some dogs are fans of live music.
He's got a while to wait!

A collectors paradise -
Hyperion Auction House.

Finally back to the old bridge.

Take care.


  1. Love this series of images. Absolutely charming setting. The introductory image of the swans and the old bridge reminds me of a scene from a story book :^)

  2. John, you have such beautiful things to point your camera at! And the history everywhere! Thanks for sharing. Jim

  3. Nice little tour of a place I have never been to, John. Didn't that man from St Ives have seven wives?

  4. Looks like a nice little place. Some of the pictures remind me of Bewdley.

  5. Many thanks for your comments. You make me realise how lucky I am to live in this fair land.

  6. I've never been to St Ives (either of them in fact) - it looks delightful. And I am rather enamoured of that little white dog, too cute.

  7. Wonderful pictures on such a beautiful day!! Thanks for the tour, John!

  8. jennyfreckles, you'd find plenty to photograph in either St Ives. I'm notreally a doggie-person but I rather fell in love with that little chap.
    Liz, glad you enjoyed the little excursion.


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