Saturday, 21 June 2014

In Downham Market

The Clock Tower

The splendid Victorian clock tower was presented to the town by local draper James Scott in 1878. It has become something of a symbol of the market town and, unusually, it originally had its dial lit from within by gas.

A Candid Camera At The Market

And Some Interesting Buildings

The local fish 'n' chip shop is one of many buildings built of the local carrstone which give the town the nickname of "Gingerbread Town".

This rather run-down TV shop grabbed my attention with its overcrowded facade, however it also has a few interesting architectural features which result from its former use as a pub.

A row of colourful cottages such as one finds in many East Anglian market towns, I presume the one with the big window used to be a shop.

The rather eye-catching architecture of the Castle Hotel which dates from the eighteenth century. It stands on the corner of Paradise Road which is said to have been the site of the gallows in former times - it was reckoned to be the nearest to Paradise that they would ever get!

The Railway Station

The signal box which stands next to the station is one of 26 nationwide which are listed for preservation; automated systems are making most of them redundant.

The station also retains its marvellous waiting-room where you can wait in comfort should the train from King's Lynn be delayed. Not only that but....

.....there's a quaint old bar where you can get a pint. Like the waiting-room it has an atmosphere of the nineteen-forties. Unfortunately my train was on time! 

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  1. Wonderful colorful market....& cheerful row houses....but oh my I just love the train staition & that wonderfully quaint waiting room!

  2. what a wonderful clock from a by-gone age....... and I love the train station lol

  3. the painted houses are attractive with their individual colours; the waiting room at the station very welcoming and accommodating, especially with a bar alongside!

  4. What a lovely variety of shots! The clocktower is gorgeous. I look for them in each town we visit. You can't find them in US cities. I love all the buildings, too! Such wonderful architecture and materials.

  5. wanting to buy my plane ticket to UK after viewing this collection..the English are so civilized ;)

  6. It must have been lucrative to a draper in the Victorian era. Pity about the train being on time, though ...

  7. A pretty little town. I like the old corner door on the tv store. I've never seen a train station with a library and comfy chair. I wouldn't mind hanging out there, reading and watching the travelers come and go.

  8. We have friends who often go to Downham. Now I'm convinced!

  9. England in spring is so pretty John.. I have to say that is definitely the best train station waiting room I've ever seen, just like being at home :)


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