Friday, 27 June 2014

Don't Forget Your Greens!

Don't forget your greens! How many mothers have told their children that?
And yesterday wandering through the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge I consumed as many greens as I could find, ignoring all the tastier colours that were on offer.
So I now offer them to you. It won't count as one of your "five a day", but I hope it won't give you indigestion either.

Everything seems super-luxuriant this year,
the result of an early spring and just enough rain an sun.

Just a few cones still hanging on.

Cheating a little bit;
those leaves are almost red.

Mrs Moorhen on her nest in the Fen Garden.
Yes, that's what the Fens looked like before they were drained!

The architectural design of seed pods.

The Winter Garden looks pretty good in summer too.

An almost sci-fi look.

These bracket fungi have released vast amounts of spores
giving the ivy a rusty appearance.

Alien forms again!

Is it just me or does that picture look 3D?
Especially centre-bottom where, incidentally, there's an almost transparent insect.

The palest of pale greens.

At the water's edge.

Take care.


  1. A great selection of photos. I particularly like the moorhen nesting and then there is of course the bracket fungi. Nice ones.

  2. And if all those greens were laid out together John, I'll bet there wouldn't be two the same colour.

  3. A great collection of greens, so many different shades and textures.

  4. Thank you for greening my day in such a lovely way! I love the seed pod photo, especially.

  5. All your photos are marvelous. If you live near all the greenery you are one lucky person. Nature is amazing in all the forms it takes -- almost mystical. Or perhaps really mystical depending on your thinking. Glad you included the photo of the bracket fungi -- I have seen them often but never knew what to call them -- thanks for the tour -- barbara

    1. Thanks for your comment. Bracket fungi is a general term used for many types of fungus which take this form; they rot the heartwood and are generally bad news for the tree.

  6. Things are lush this year and greens are so soothing. The moorhen nest is a lovely find.

  7. Stunning photographs! I see them on an iPad and even with poor vision your images are always crystal clear and the colors vibrant.
    Ann in Canada

  8. Love those pictures! The 3rd last is a beautiful pattern.

  9. Makes me think of that song "The green green grass of home" lovely to see all that green that surrounds you John even in the middle of Summer.

  10. Simply fabulous. And unlike the greens of long ago, they weren't over-cooked!

  11. You live in a beautiful, green world there. Lush and lovely.

  12. So many greens! Your photos are wondeful.

  13. green as an Amazonian rain forest--

  14. Green and wonderful. You have such a good eye!

  15. Green never looked so good John!

  16. gorgeous greenery ... gorgeous photos.


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