Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Meander Through Thaxted

Having finally arrived in Thaxted, after the diversions and digressions described in my last two posts, I had a wander around to get my bearings. Later we'll take a look at the church and the windmill (if they're open to the public) but for now lets just content ourselves with first impressions:

The church, the old Guildhall and colourful shops.

Cobbles in Stony Street

A gentle downhill stroll

An unlikely colour scheme

A riddle of roofs

The well-worn step

"Dick Turpin's Cottage"
(no known association with the highwayman!)


Backstreet beauties

Protest against an encroaching world

Rainbow people!

Words of the poet.

Take care.


  1. Certainly colourful, very quaint. I don't think I've ever really seen anything about the place before, which is surprising as it looks delightful. Not sure about the authenticity of the very dark pink colour, though it looks classy.

  2. so very different to anything I'd ever see. Your world is full of wonderful history John, and wow - who dared paint their shop that HOT PINK ... I see it's a gift store, no way of missing it. Contemporary housing estates want everyone to abide by a certain fascade or colour range - it can become so mundane...

  3. I like all the soft pastel shades on the homes and shops but like everyone else, that violet color (see now three of us have called it by a different name) is a bit much.

  4. Such a pretty, pretty town. The colors give it such vibrancy.

  5. What a lovely little town, I've never visited so it is great to see your photos. I love the riddle of roofs and the row of cottages. I must catch up with your two previous posts about your journey there:)

  6. What a gem of a town. When I saw your poster photo -- I thought oh no. Developers ruin everything. In the U.S. They blight commercial areas with ticky tacky construction no artistic merit compared to the beautiful buildings in your photos. Hope the town can keep the developers at bay -- barbara

  7. What a beautiful place, so much character, it looks like a interesting place to visit.

  8. All the old English towns would be similarly built over a period of time, but for some reason this village leaves me with the impression that every century really left its mark. Every house looks ready to tell a history of its inhabitants. I kind of like the fuschia shop - it's making a statement for the 21st century.

  9. Yes - I really must go back there! Thank you, John, for the reminder and great photo-tour!

  10. I hope the residents win the war against expansion but I fear they will lose. This town is great just the way it is, but it's impossible to stop "progress."

  11. What a lovely old town. My favorites are Dick Turpin's cottage and the riddle of roofs. I'm going to put Thaxted on my list of places to meander through.


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