Thursday, 11 September 2014

The End Of The Line

A couple of old posters advertising farm sales. Much as Fenland has prospered agriculturally since these lands were first drained, there have also been many casualties along the way. The social historian can tell much about farming practices from such material - the size of farms, the rate at which they were going out of business, the spread of mechanisation and so on. There are some interesting differences between these two, one from 1904 and the other from 1940. 

One thing that won't surprise anyone who can remember some of the untidy farms of yesteryear will be the "15 TONS SCRAP METAL" advertised in the second sale!

Take care.


  1. I love these old posters John - especially when it shows that Horses were the most important and always headed the sale.

  2. Wonderful old posters! I love the 1904 poster that says 'precisely at 11 o'clock'.


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