Thursday, 10 May 2012

Down By The River Side

I took a stroll along the River Cam from Grantchester to Cambridge, a walk I've done countless times in the past. I wanted to check on the new wetland that's been created on the opposite side of the river; after the rain it is wet at last. New birds are apparently finding the area to their liking. Little Egret, Lapwing and a pair of Common Terns today. All too far away to get a photograph.

On the river I soon found two old friends looking a bit lost after their nest was flooded out recently. The grass in the meadow behind the Red Lion is looking lush and green, though the photo needed a bit of a nudge to get it to have the right feel.

Other birds seen included Sedge Warbler, Kingfisher, Chiffchaff, Grey Heron and Kestrel.

A little further along I found a happy family who had managed to hatch out before the river-level rose. It's unusual to see Greylag Geese on this stretch of river.

This next picture was taken in Paradise - honest!

Paradise Nature Reserve, that is. The area used to be a "pleasure garden" and nearby Paradise House used to be licenced to sell alcohol. It was a favourite haunt of students and ladies of doubtful reputations. Now it's a nature reserve - well, which is your idea of paradise? The house is now a private residence.

And so to Cambridge with Kings College Chapel peeping over rooftops.

Take care.


  1. Everywhere looks so lush and green after all the rain but I'm afraid that the swans will not be the only ones to have been flooded out.

  2. I loved the white swans, geese and their gosling family enjoying their paddle...sweet post, and a little bit of paradise thrown in too.

  3. A little piece of paradise, lovely photos, love the swans in unison and the nudge you gave the photo of the meadow behind the Red Lion worked a treat! Cheers Jane

  4. The nature is really superb. That is why I really love nature.

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  5. Looks to me like you've discovered a super place for enjoying nature, especially birds. A nature reserve is for sure my idea of paradise. :)

  6. The nudge on Image 2 tipped it right over into perfection! Or, is that Paradise?

  7. Lovely, peaceful walk---never get enough of the swans --happy to see the geese managed to hatch some young ones. Yes, it does seem like paradise.

    Good birding, too!

  8. Super photo of the Greylag geese,and lovely riverscapes

  9. I love how you have 'nudged' that photo. It looks almost like a painting.

  10. A wonderful river walk after rain and don't that family look great out for a paddle! Dad at the front and Mum at the back.
    Your last pic in Cambridge is quite magical .

  11. Another of your wonderful walks around your region. I missed them while I was away. For now, I want to see what my other blogger friends have been doing, but later today I plan to return to look through the last two weeks of your posts.

  12. I didn't know Paradise was private property :-)
    Seems like it deserves it name, though.


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