Tuesday 30 August 2011

More From The Country Fair

A second instalment of photos taken at Quy on Sunday:

One man and his dog...

one woman and her spinning-wheel

A traditional Romany caravan

the interior of the caravan

All together now......"aaaaaahhhhhh!"

Fordson Triple D

Falconry display

A technical hitch


Take care.


  1. Hi John, thank you for the clarification on the stationary threshing machine. I find these old pieces of machinery fascinating to photograph. The country fair looks like a fun event to see. I love freshly made cider! Wonderful series of images.

  2. Thanks, John. I'd never heard of a Triple-D. Quite a contraption! Plus, I'm always a sucker for working sheep dogs! I can watch them for hours. I'm without one at the moment and sure do miss it. Jim

  3. I do love the way men (well most men) love tinkering with little - and big - engines.

  4. Great photos! Makes me wish I had the caravan : )

  5. This looks like a brilliant day out! I love the mini landrover!

  6. Love your shots here... especially the sheep herding and the cider pressing...

  7. My daughter and her fiancee just left the UK after living there for about 18 months. As the departure time drew closer, they put together a list of what they wanted to do before leaving. One was to take a falconry lesson, which they did, and which they said was great fun.

  8. I'll have to see that husband J. views the machinery parade at some point---that's the area where he would have spent his fair time.
    I'd have been watching the spinning demonstration and the cider making--and I've never seen a sheep-dog trial.
    The Romany caravan is much like the Basque sheep herder's wagons still used in the interior west, although this one looks a much more elegant contraption.

  9. Lots of interesting things to see - the Romany caravan is very elaborately decked out inside - did they let you have a taste of the apple cider John?

  10. It's so pleasing to see such avariety of comments; if the organisers set iout to have something for everyone it would seem from the above comments that they succeeded!
    I love looking at all the old machinery too, Doug. The worrying thing about the Triple D, Jim, is that I remember a local farm buying one when they first appeared - and now they're considered antiques! There were one or two ladies driving the tractors, but I didn't see any doing running repairs. A pretty image: Tipper jogging along in the waggon and Louise following behind in the little car! The shepherd was particularly good value as he provided a commentary on what he was doing which would have put many a TV comedian to shame. No, I didn't sample the cider this time which you can tell from the styraighness of the photos!
    Thanks once again for all the coimments.


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