Saturday 27 August 2011

Dream Cottage

Just like the ads always say "Get your own dream cottage in the beautiful English countryside!"

....or if you're as pennyless as I am create one with some technical trickery. For the record this is actually two identical images superimposed, one of them wildly blurred, the other in sharp focus. Well, that was the starting point anyway; can't remember what else I got up to!

I do remember that while I was taking the original shot the owner of the house returned home and stood watching me - he seemed pleased that his cottage had beeen noticed.

Take care.


  1. Whatever you got up to John, its a great image.

  2. Love the image John! A dream cottage indeed, I will take two!

    I have enjoyed reading all of your recent posts whilst having a coffee! It was nice to be transported to the countryside!

  3. Wonderful technique John. I enjoy your blog and the beauty and sharp eye of your photography :^)

  4. Thanks for such complementary words.
    Roy: I really must pay more attention to what I'm doing though!
    Pam: Two cottages is greedy and besides I'll never be able to make another!
    Doug: It's a technique that Ernst Haas achieved on 35mm film; he made a double exposure using a tripod, de-focussing in between exposures. It's a whole lot simpler to do digitally. I'm also enjoying following your blog, lots of stunning images.

  5. Your treatment of this does have a dreamlike quality. One of those images where you can use that lovely word quintessentially - as in 'quintessentially English'.


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