Friday, 19 August 2011

Children And Animals

Home Farm at Wimpole is a fun place for kids to see what happens down on the farm.


And last but by no means least...

Take care.


  1. Smashing photos John. I like the way you have one horse 'framed' by the other - and the stand-off between the cattle. The ducks are straight out of Beatrix Potter!

  2. Yes, great photography. Are those Shire horses? And I really like Highland Cattle. From the scene in the tractor lot, I take it this is a museum farm. I know my granddaughter would love it. Jim

  3. Lovely photos - when we visited in June the Highland cattle were in a pen in the farmyard so it is great to see them out on grass - I loved the two donkeys, such characters:)

  4. Thanks for the comments.
    jennyfreckles: the framing of the second horse was a happy accident. The two Highland cattle are a Bull and a cow so it may be a "come on" rather than a "stand off"!!!
    Jim: Yes,they're Shire horses. According to a work colleague who's a mine of disconnected information these are the kind of horses on which knights rode into battle - of course, Hollywood will not accept this historical truth!
    Rosie: They seem to rotate the stock around frequently so they don't get bored with looking at us humans.


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