Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cycle-City Miscellany

I had an hour to kill in Cambridge yesterday so I decided to take some photos:

It's hard not to take photos of the bikes.
A bit of a cliche maybe,
but I like bikes!

Trinity College Chapel
photographed through not one,
but two, windows of distorting glass.

A couple of rather serious-looking buskers.

Lately I keep wanting to crop photos
 in unusual ways.
I like the incongruity
 of the half-timbered architecture
the Spanish Tapas Bar.

Oops! Nearly deleted this -
lots of reflected light caused
by shooting through the bar window.
But then I realised that with a bit
of sepia toning it created the smokey atmosphere
of an old pub.

Oh no! More bikes!

Take care.


  1. Love all the photos-the effects and the crops. Makes me wish I had a bike like those.

  2. My vote goes to the photo of the Spanish Tappas bar. Nice composition John.

  3. love the photo thru the crinkly glass panes--
    when you said "Bike City" I clicked to read because I remembered all the bikes in Cambridge from my visit there about 6 years ago---fond memories

  4. Good use of a spare hour John. I love Cambridge - my daughter was at uni here and I much enjoyed my visits.

  5. Many thanks for all your kind comments. I'm always amazed that even after a lifetime living around Cambridge I still keep finding new trhings to point the camera at.


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