Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Mementos Of Autumn

A few pictures which I've accumulated on recent excursions but haven't shown you before:

Cattle on Topcliffe Meadow
on one of my regular walks.

Autumn on the streets of Cambridge.

Mr Chaffinch
a common bird in these parts
though not usually as tame as this one that was hanging about the cafe at Wimpole.

The lake at Wimpole Hall
with the folly reflected in the still waters.

Swans on another part of the lake.

Wimpole's Shire Horses
enjoying their winter break.

Water on the glass.
The glasshouses at the Botanic Gardens.

Scene near Shepreth Church.

And Meldreth Church.

This old horse lives on one of my regular walks.

The sun is setting on Autumn,
Winter must be here very soon.

Take care.


  1. WOW, beautiful, stunning pictures John. I love Mr Chaffinch, the reflections and the leaves at Meldreth church.

  2. Lovely photos. I photographed a pile of beautiful red leaves along the street and sidewalk the other day. I thought of you!

  3. Spectacular images. Love each one!

  4. I love this time of year, and your scenes here explain why. The colors are magnificent, the subjects beautiful -- love the horses!

  5. You have such an eye, John! You see those little things many people miss.

  6. The lake views are beautiful, and the horses seem quite tranquil.

  7. An enjoyable photo tribute to the soon to be gone, but not forgotten, fall season. My favorites were the Mr Chaffinch, the lake reflects, and the final sunset.

  8. Those shire horses are magnificent creatures, and take me back to my childhood when we used to sit on them holding onto their manes. I always consider myself lucky that we live in a Mennonite area where draught animals are still used in the fields and we see these wonderful animals frequently.

  9. Each and every one of these is a joy to look at! I cannot even say which ones are favorites cause they all are.

  10. Thanks, I always enjoy your photos, and these are superb!

  11. Farewell to beautiful autumn.
    Super photos, John!

  12. All your photos are delightful and I really like to low horizon line in the first one, with the cows. Gosh, Mr Chaffinch is very handsome. No chaffinches here in Ontario unfortunately.

  13. Beautiful photos, and glad you decided to share them with us. I seem to have so many that disappear through the cracks these days. I particularly like the photo of Mr Chaffinch!

  14. A very poetic and lovely set of 'Mementos Of Autumn'.

  15. Oh la! Beautiful series of images John, gorgeous reflections and autumn colours 🍁 Love looking at your part of the world through your lens 💙

  16. What a stunning series of shots--they each tell a great story! I like posts like this :)

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