Sunday, 7 July 2019

A Quiet Sunday In Cambridge

I don't know how it is where you live, but around here there are just too many outdoor events taking place in July. They want to catch the best of the weather, but must squeeze everything in before families go off on their holidays in August. 

There's a great Sunday market in Cambridge (in fact there's a market every day) and I thought I'd wander around and take some colourful photos.

I can never resist taking a few snaps of the Cambridge bikes and the posters that adorn almost every railing in the centre of town - more events for July! And you might notice the natty pink saddle cover which is advertising....

….the Race For Life, a 10Km charity run for cancer charities. Several people I knew were taking part - and I didn't spot any of them amongst the crowds of runners!

Some were serious runners....

…..others not so serious!

I was making my way to see a very special small garden which is only occasionally open to the general public. (Yes, of course you'll be seeing more later in the week).

Going back through town I noticed a mixed-up reflection of King's College Chapel in the window of a shop selling college rugby tops.

There's been a free music event on Parker's Piece all weekend. On Friday night there was music from Kid Creole and the Coconuts (remember them?) and a firework display to end the evening. On Saturday afternoon and evening there was more music including lots of local bands. And today it was Cambridge Mela, a celebration of all things Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi.

A lot of wonderfully colourful dancing...…

… well as more modern sounds.

Oh yes, and there was one of the University's gardens open too - one I've been wanting to see for a long while. We'll catch up with most of these events more fully during the next few days. Now I'm going to put my feet up; I reckon I've walked about ten miles today taking in all that lot!

Take care.


  1. Much respect for all the runners!
    Yes this is the time for events everywhere here as well. A market like that is a good choice to go to.

  2. Love the colourful dresses worn by the dancing ladies, and the University gardens are looking positively tropical.

  3. As you say summer is the time for lots of events and festivals. There is colour everywhere from the vegetables to the brilliance of the women's dresses and I am sure that you were happy that you took it all in.

  4. Looks great! Are they all wheelchair accessible?

    1. The market - yes, many wheelchair-users shop there.
      The Race for Life - yes, it's on the streets of Cambridge and I also saw a few people doing the course in their chairs.
      Parker's Piece - yes, it's a public park and dead flat. There's also a raised viewing platform to allow you to see over the heads of people standing up in the crowd, though on Sunday everyone was sitting on the grass anyway.
      The small garden - you have to go through someone's private house to get there so probably not.
      The college garden - didn't look like it was, but their website says it is, so they must have a level way in for those who need it.
      Most public places are accessible these days, though it sometimes requires early booking for limited spaces or phoning ahead so that arrangements can be made, both of which are a nuisance and rather take away the element of spontaneity.
      Things have improved a lot in recent years but there's still work to be done.

  5. You did well to take in as much as you did. Great photos!

  6. So many events, I find it exhausting to choose - and sometimes end up doing nothing! But, as your pictures show, there's also a lot of colour and vibrancy at this time of year. It'll all go horribly quiet in August!

  7. Event organisers have to take advantage of every beautiful day John, so much going on here. It's the same here, in summer it's the outdoor events and now we have several winter festivals.. never a dull moment eh! ✨ Looking forward to seeing more of the university's gardens.

  8. Lovely colorful photos...just like the July blooms in those gardens. I loved the rooster looking over his shoulder, but the reflection in the store window was my fav.

  9. Such a beautiful and colorful event there. Love these photos and really looking forward to the gardens.

  10. Lots going on, a nice series of colourful photos.

  11. I enjoyed the colorful photos of July in your part of the world. And there is still 3/4 of the month to enjoy!

  12. Love all the colorful photos!

  13. All wonderfully colourful especially the dancing ladies. Love the photos of the reflection and market vegetables:)

  14. Such a fun way to spend the day...I love that first shot and love the one of the dancers.

  15. So many outdoor events, so little time. Also the weather has been downright uncooperative. Rainy, overcast and crazy thunderstorms!


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