Thursday, 14 June 2018

A Garden In June

Time for our monthly trip to Cambridge University Botanic Garden. I seem to have done rather better at remembering to photograph the little identifying labels this time. Sometimes I like to know what I'm looking at, but other times I just want to absorb the beauty without worrying about the names. Anyway this is what caught my eye as I wandered around....

Hypericum olympicum (Mount Olympus St. John's wort)

A few waterlilies are appearing just now.

I don't know what this is called.
Maybe someone will tell me.

The main "lake" seen from the rockery
with the lawn and many fine trees beyond.

Cistus ladanifer Gum Rockrose
photographed along with one of the many varieties of Cranesbill

A glimpse of the fountain
through the flowers and grasses.
This part of the garden is actually a lot more formal
than this shot makes it appear.

Echeveria secunda (?)
These were growing in the Systematic Beds
where plants are grouped together in their families for teaching purposes.
I find these Beds fascinating,
 though of course many of the plants are similar to their neighbours.
But every so often a complete surprise turns up -
a plant that looks nothing like the rest of a group.

Santolina chamaecyparissus Cotton Lavender

Drosanthemum candens

Aloe polyphylla  Spiral Aloe

The wetland vegetation is flourishing alongside the stream.

Four of the many varieties of roses on display.

Take care.


  1. I really need to visit the botanical garden in Oxford, I have never been there in all the time I have lived where I am or worked in Oxford. You always forget to see what is on your doorstep

  2. My word this is a beautiful spot. Not only have I not visited the botanical garden, I have never been to Oxford. I doubt that I will ever do either, so thanks for letting me enjoy the garden through your eyes.

  3. Glorious! A wonderful place for a wander.

  4. This is all gorgeous to watch, John. Such a fine place to visit.

  5. Beautiful photos! I like the Hypericum olympicum...I also like saying Hypericum olympicum.

  6. All pretty, but that water lily is exquisite!

  7. I've wondered what St. John's wort looks like! I love that photo of the spiral aloe. I've always liked Echeveria. It's low maintenance and easy to grow here in S CA, and quite drought tolerant.

  8. Wow - fabulous with all the flowers and colours.

  9. How lovely! Your photos of the Water Lily and Spiral Aloe are wonderful. We have a self seeded St John's Wort in the garden and I'm always fascinated by the spiky yellow flowers:)

  10. Such beautiful colors there. The gardens are lush and lovely.

  11. Hi John - love that water lily rising ... and reminds me slightly of the Birth of Venus; St John's Wort is one plant I've known for many a year ... but that photo is brilliant. The roses too ... while the Aloe - always reminds me of the Fibonacci number system - nature is just brilliant. But what a great Garden you have in Cambridge - I'm not sure the Oxford one matches up: I've seen it ... but probably at not the best time of year ... cheers Hilary

  12. Beautiful flowers! I just love wandering around botanical gardens and admiring all the lovey sights.

  13. Lovely, as always. I enjoy your photos so much!

  14. Excellent photos, as always, John. I especially like that aloe's pattern.

  15. There's so much to see in this garden, I do enjoy your monthly visits.

  16. Never mind the names, - a wonderful treat for the eyes. Thank you, John...

  17. Beautiful photos of beautiful plants, John. I love both the spiral aloe and the Echeveria secunda.


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