Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Postcard From Far Away

Just one last photograph from my recent visit to Wells-Next-The-Sea. While I was prowling around taking the photos which featured in the posts published on the 2nd and 3rd of this month I noticed a small art exhibition. When I'd taken all the photos I wanted, I couldn't resist poking my head around the door to see what was on show. Lots of bright cheery images of the coast - waves, boats, beaches, harbours.

When I got back I tried to manipulate one of my photos into something like their paintings. Don't ask me how I arrived at this effect, I just tinkered with it till it looked right to me.

I don't usually like to overdo the special effects but just once in a while it is rather fun. Just for a bit more fun here's another colourful coastal image.

Take care.


  1. How smart and talented you are, John! I love the pictures and the colors in them!

  2. I think your tinkering served you well - the colours in the pastel are delightful. Very impressive!

  3. I like these - especially the pastel scene. It's fun to play at the processing stage, and takes photography one step further as a creative hobby. I can't wait to retire!

  4. How pretty! It is very creative and looks like a painting.

  5. Thank you all. It certainly adds lots of artistic potential to photography, but it also adds to the time I spend doodling around on the laptop. As you say retirement seems to be the only answer, but I'll probably be just as busy then!


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