Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Pictures On My Wall (1)

Having recently moved into a new house I've spent a lot of time looking for pictures to brighten up the blank walls. Mostly these are photographs reminding me of places I hold dear. At this time of year, with spring bursting out all around, my mind often takes a stroll through Foxley Wood in Norfolk which is famed for its wonderful bluebells. Bluebell woods are one of England's special treasures and attract visitors from far and wide. "Bluebell Days" are organised with guided walks; but I've found it's best to look these up on the internet, then try to arrange to visit a day or two before and have the place more or less to yourself.

The picture I chose for my wall

During the 1960's everything possible was done to obliterate these woods with only a small area of ancient woodland remaining - needless to say this is the area where the bluebells flourish. All the cleared area was planted with conifers but the market for their timber has since collapsed. The Wildlife Trust has removed all the conifers and is allowing the natural trees to recolonise. It says much for the resilience of the indigenous species that, despite the bulldozers and chemicals which were used to remove their ancestors, they spring up quite naturally as soon as the sunlight is allowed to reach the ground.

To give a fuller impression of Foxley Wood here are some more photos.

Bluebells and fallen birch

           Spotting the birds can be tricky...

              ....but you can't miss the bluebells !  

  Take care.

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