Sunday, 23 February 2014

Alternative Views

When we went to Ely recently
I could just have easily 
shown you these pictures instead.

I just love taking photos of
and the little details that make each one unique.

"Easy and Slow"
that's the way to go!

What say you Mr Swan?

A nautical door-knocker.

An old house
with brick infilling between the beams.
It's called 'brick-noggin',
usually it's a neat herringbone pattern
but this one looks more 

Signs of spring
by somebody's front gate.

up above street-level.

These cottages are in the care of
The Cambridgeshire Cottage
Improvement Society.

I don't know what this is all about.
Someone has hand-painted the door on what looks to be
a rather neglected house.

A medley of walls near the Cathedral.

OK, one more of the Cathedral..

Take care.


  1. Oh brilliant John! I was there last year on a more cloudy day, but I could have easily stayed by the river that was full of canal boats all with their great paintings. The 'brick noggin' cottage I managed to capture on camera but there was a van in front so I couldn't really see it from across the road. Thanks for letting me see it again.

  2. Beautiful collection of photos :)

  3. a really pretty intro scene there John, and lovely to see the violas flowering in the fore. What a grand door-knocker for the nautical person. Great brick-noggin work. You like nautical? I hope you visit my most recent post then John. (It's a little bit nautical).....

  4. Ely looks a beautiful place with some fine old buildings. The ship knocker is really unusual.

  5. I really like the designs in the second to last photo, and the shrub on the right echoes the colours of the brick wall beside it. Very cool.

  6. I like the warm red 'brick noggin'. Lovely pictures, looks like a good day out.

  7. You go on such delightful journeys, John, - thank you for sharing the wonderful photos you take with us stay-at-homes.

  8. A truly gorgeous series of photos!

  9. What a lovely place and lovely photos. (I'm quite fascinated by that nautical door-knocker as well:) I enjoyed going back to the prior cathedral post - beautiful tower. Astounding today still, can't imagine what it was like to see it back then...

  10. Lovely photos! I've enjoyed your posts on Ely so much and these alternative views. We stayed there for a couple of days a few years ago and walked by the river on a summer's evening and then up through the field to the back of the Cathedral:)

  11. John, you do such a nice job of changing paces with the images you pick for a post. Lovely!

  12. These photos perfectly capture the joy of pottering with a camera- It's always the quirky little details that appeal to me most.

  13. I am a fan of your detail boat shots

  14. British cathedrals are always so spectacular. And I cannot believe how many blossoms are already so lovely.

  15. Fabulous photos, you have captured some lovely sights to share with us. What a beautiful area you live in.


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