Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wells-Next-The-Sea (part one)

I thought I'd take a few photos of Wells on the Norfolk Coast

it all started normally enough

shots of pretty streets

the harbour 

colourful boats

attractive buildings

young children after crabs

The Albatros, now converted to a floating cafe

even the odd bit of humour

then I wandered down among the fishing boats
things started to get strange....
(more to follow)

Take care 


  1. It's a long time since I visited but I remember it being very pretty and you've captured that so well. I shall have to come back to find out what was strange!

  2. Such an attractive place, I've been waiting until I had time to come back and look at the pictures properly. I've been to Cley in the past but don't think I've ever been to Wells. Shall have to do something about that!

  3. I have enjoyed this and am wondering what is coming next....


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