Saturday, 29 June 2019

The Cool Of The Morning

As the weather man was threatening a hot afternoon today, I was out for my walk at six this morning. For those of you who weren't around (I didn't see anyone at all for the first hour) here is what it looked like.

There was an early mist over the fields but the sun was soon burning through.

Spiders had been busy constructing their webs in the fields. 

I photographed this thatched cottage back in January when 
there was frost and a little snow around. 
The red garage doors are inscribed "Melbourn Fire Engine", 
it was built in 1862 to house the firefighting equipment for the villages of 
Melbourn and Meldreth.

I made my way to Stockbridge Meadows. 
There were dozens of rabbits grazing, 
though none were willing to have their photos taken.

A Muntjac Deer was only slightly more bold.

Delicate webs on the Teasels.

This is usually a busy road, 
though not as busy as it was before the village was by-passed.

It was already getting warmer
so I walked through the wood in the shade.

The roadside verges are growing luxuriantly.

A crop that's turning gold and some fieldside poppies.
That midsummer feeling.

The distant row of poplars give a Provençal feel to a Cambridgeshire field.

It's just half-past eight
 and already the bees and other insects are collecting nectar
 from these poppies growing alongside the railway.
Look closely and see how many insects you can find!

Take care.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, John. Thanks for sharing, and a nice way to start my day (although I am getting started later than you!!).

  2. A delightful walk with stellar attractions both pastoral and urban. The beauty of England is quintessential.

  3. Your shot of the deer is my favourite.

  4. What a fabulous post and such a lovely walk - I hope you enjoyed a good breakfast and cuppa on your return!

    All the best Jan

  5. Such a lovely walk. The insects sure do love the poppies!

  6. My favorite time of day. Every photo a gem.

  7. These are the best photos I've seen all day! Great collection of very detailed, mood enhancing colors and forms. Yummy!

  8. What an eye you have. The spider webs are outstanding. In fact, everything is outstanding.

  9. Wonderful photos as always. That thatched cottage looks much more inviting in summer than with the frost of winter. Is the barley ripening early this year?

    1. It seems to get earlier every year though it will still be a while before it's ready to harvest. I was brought up on a farm and I well remember one year when harvesting didn't begin till the end of August, just before I went back yo school.

    2. That is what I remembered. My father was a draper but we lived on the outskirts of the village and did lots of walks and I was sure the end of August was harvest time.

  10. Early morning are often best! Beautiful photos.

  11. It does look like beautiful warm summertime there. Love these photos of your walk before the heat.

  12. A wonderful early morning walk. The spider webs are stunning to see. Great eye, John and beautiful photos.

  13. Hi John - certainly the best way to spend yesterday ... I was boiling at the tennis! Beautiful countryside and love all the photos - lots of insects ... probably too many ants to count them all. The poppies are delightful - but all the photos ... magical mystical mornings ... cheers Hilary

  14. Beautiful the spiderwebs...and love that shot with the shadows on the old log. Not that I don't like the others.

  15. So beautiful from early morning mists to warm sunshine. I love the spiders' webs in the wheat? field and on the teasels:)

  16. Well that was well worth the early start! Absolutely beautiful :)


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