Tuesday 20 January 2015

Walden's Windows

Saffron Walden is a wondrous place for the watcher of windows, the glorifier of glass, the fan of fenestration, the devotee of the dormer, the collector of casements and indeed anyone who's an aficionado of apertures.

sparkly glass behind the glass

coloured glass for a coloured wall

a window display

church windows? No, a pub!

reflected windows

window shopping

a view right through

 tinted windows
pretty plaster

weird windows

tucked under the eaves

somebody's watching you!

Take care


  1. Lovely window reflections !!

  2. Such wonderful details in the old windows.

  3. A fun series, John - and smashing reflections too!

  4. That has given me a taste to go John. We are coming to Alde brough for our holiday this year so we may make the journey.

  5. Windows are the eyes of a house and the doorways are the mouths - you DO have an interesting lot. Must be lot of silent conversation going on.

  6. Oh my, they are quite wonderful.

  7. Nice collection! I love all the fancy windows, especially the stained glass ones.

  8. I love those windows & those shops! Time for another visit, I think.

  9. I certainly am a fan of the glass apertures John :) fabulosa collection you have here for us.. not to mention the divine doors last post.. what a very good idea to snap the more unusual when you see them.
    P.s. the beach is surrounded by the museum, the art gallery, the library and a few theatres hence the cultural centre reference :)

  10. wonderful windows letting in light and warmth----allowing us to see into the soul of a dwelling

  11. Marvelous collection of windows. Each is a gem! -- barbara

  12. Your window photos are great and yes, I would love to browse around there.


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