Thursday 26 January 2012

Mysterious Happening On King's Parade

Strolling along King's Parade in Cambridge
when I caught a glimpse,
a fleeting flash,
of a strange, alien street
oddly familiar.
I turned back and peered at
a window,
a reflection,
a dreamscape.

I don't know what's going on here and I can't work out how many images are
 superimposed on one another. What you see above is a straight photo with just a little sharpening and cropping. Just goes to show there's nothing as bizarre as reality.

Take care.


  1. ...some special effects? The photo taken through a window? Whatever, I like your leadup and the image is fun

  2. A fleeting glimpse of Diagon Alley, perhaps?

    (Nice image!)

  3. I would like to think it's Diagon Alley.

  4. Excellent, John. Sometimes I see something that I can't explain, and the only things to do are to enjoy it and take out the camera . . .

  5. I like the Diagon Alley theory:)

  6. That is amazing and somehow quite beautiful! I too like the idea of Diagon Alley:)

  7. Uncanny but a marvellous image John and proof, I suppose, that the camera does lie.

  8. Hmmmm, something messing about with reality, - stirs the imagination!

  9. No special effects other than the mysteries created by reflections from multiple windows. Thanks for your reflections!!!


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