Monday, 16 April 2018

Ten Things You Might See On A Walk In England

This morning my brother and I went for a walk in the countryside just east of Royston. These are some of the things we saw, the sort of things which might be seen by anyone who has the will to wander the footpaths and byways of England...


Lonely lanes with very little motor traffic, taken only when the extensive footpath network doesn't quite join up. Just down here was a house flying the union flag on a pole in the garden, that's something you don't see very often in this country.


Perfect village churches. This one at Chrishall is unusual in that it stands away from the main village with just the vicarage for company, but it's no less attractive for that.


Muddy farmyards. We've had a lot of rain lately and an undue amount of it has accumulated on the lane/path leading to this farm. We managed to edge past with dry feet but muddy boots.


Pretty wild flowers. Wood Anemones were flowering as we passed through this little wood. 


Places where you're not really sure where the path goes. Not so many of those today, the detailed Ordnance Survey maps matched up well with what was "on the ground".


Wide sweeping views across arable fields, broken by hedgerows and occasional woods and copses.


Traditional English cottages. Not everyone can live in one (I certainly can't afford one), but it's nice to see them and photograph them.


Farmyard animals. 


Views down village streets, though it's not often you'll find one that's not littered with cars and vans. With less and less villages served by public transport villagers can't really get by without cars these days. 


Sheep wearing shoes. No you won't. These are resin animals which some whimsical person has shod with comfy footwear.

When you've done all that you can drive to The Dolphin pub and get a nice meal and a pint, you'll deserve it.

Take care.


  1. You keep spoiling us with your beautiful photos, John. The English cottage is a dream, and what to think of the look in the cow's eyes! :)

  2. Hi John - fantastic shots ...what a delightful range - reminding me of the England I will return to ... cheers Hilary

  3. Those sheep wearing slippers made me smile! I'd love to walk some of your country's trails and see those old churches and cottages. Thanks for the virtual tour.

  4. A series of lovely images - all quintessentially English it seems to me. As for not seeing the flag flown often, I think that is a good thing. Flaunting one’s national flag seems to promote jingoism of the very worst kind. I live next to a nation that is insular and xenophobic and there is not a country on earth that has raised its flag to such mythic signnificance. Think back to Hitler’s Germany and the power of symbols. Flags are all well and good but they should be used sparingly and kept hidden away most of the time.

  5. Such a lovely walk, John. Love the resin sheep, very realistic!

  6. Enjoyed that little journey, John, - and would have liked to join you
    in the pub. Little villages are getting the short end of the stick, both here and there. We were recently dropped by the Greyhound Bus line and our Bank Branch closed as well - we do fly our flags though, - the Maple Leaf and occasionally you see a Union Jack!

  7. I enjoyed your walk...pleasant.

  8. Your photos remind me of the magazine "Beautiful England". thanks for the lovely walk. The cottage is so pretty.

  9. A perfect walk. I enjoyed it!

  10. It certainly is the perfect place for walking. The country lanes are just so inviting, and there are so many treasures along the way.

  11. Another wonderful walk! I'm so glad you took us along.

  12. A lovely ramble, passing some simple, but wonderful, things - beautifully photographed as usual; and a pint at the end? Go on - have another..! One of the wonderful things about the UK is that you can enjoy the same (or similar) 10 things all over the country and they will differ slightly each time.

  13. Wonderful images, John, and they brought back wonderful memories of the many walks I taken across your lovely countryside — the Wainwright Coast-to-Coast, the Hadrian's Wall Path, the Offa's Dyke, Path, the Cotswold Way, and various other rambles in the Southwest and the Lake District. I must say, however, that I never saw any sheep wearing shoes, and I'm headed straight to my search engine to find out the meaning of "resin animal."

  14. That was a fun way to experience an English walk. I almost believed that one encounters sheep in shoes on a casual walk in your area.

    Just wondering. When would you say English and when would you say British?

  15. So wonderful walking trip. Thanks to taking me with you. I think I would walk there, in this beautiful area, every day.

  16. Sounds like a pretty good walk :)


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