Friday, 13 January 2012

Signs And Sidetracks

What the.........???

It's the middle of January and even though I'm not sure what kind of tree it is I am quite certain that blossom should not be appearing in mid-winter. I knew the weather was rather confused this year but I didn't realise that Mother Nature been fooled completely.

OK, so I'll go out and see what else is on flower. So I walked down to Byron's Pool -
(visited before on this post)  - but as usual I got sidetracked, I digressed, I wandered....

sunlight on leaves

a promise

of things to come.

water of life,

go with the current

or follow

the grain?

life regenerates

life clings on.

Take care.


  1. Again I have had my catch up fix lol.What wonderful photos on this post are observant and clever to capture such as the ladybirds and the fascinating textures of the wood and water.
    From the older posts I have to say that the cattle on the fen looks so like an oil painting of the past ....and was that Cunard label really only in the 1960's? ...looks so much older.
    Thanks for sharing your journeys.

  2. John, I noticed yesterday that my grass is coming up green these days and it's January! Spring green is everywhere I look, especially on my lilac bush that is started to have buds showing. So, I believe you're right and Mother Nature is really confused!!! Now tomorrow, they're calling for snow and winter "weather"...whatever. I'll stick my head out the door and get my own "eye"witness weather. LOL

  3. It's amazing isn't it! I've been taking photos of things bursting into life and also managed to capture clusters of ladybirds (on my blog) on one of our walks. Lovely photos, I was fooled briefly by the flowing tree!

  4. Lovely post - that's a wonderful photo of the ladybirds, I've never seen so many clustered together or perhaps it's just that I've never noticed.

  5. Some really great photos, John, and the sequence led me right into the knot on the log. I briefly saw water before I saw the log.As for the ladybird beetles, we usually see them inside our houses this time of year! Jim

  6. As always John, I love your photographs. A friend had told me of a flowering cherry tree but it was a long drive away, so regretfully I didn't go to see it. Your beautiful tree looks a bit loike almond blossom, i know it comes out early but this is amazing! Jane x

  7. I very nice series. The tree I first thought was water streaming around two rocks. Great fungi shot. I am still waiting for them to pop up here. Great post.

  8. I love this post and your series of images, John. We've had a warm up for a couple weeks and I've seem some sprouting too, not good as the temps are dipping again and things will freeze. I especially love that lady bug shot...Why don't you come enter it in my 'Weekly Top Shot' meme? We're on Week #13 and I'd love to see you share with me and my readers! Here's this weeks' link:

  9. Lovely photos. Your cherry tree (I'm assuming) is quite impressive and I would think just a little seasonally-confused. I note that nothing here in Canada is doing anything like that, as it is a very chilly morning again this morning.

  10. Some really superb photography in this post John.

  11. Thank you all for commenting. The shot of the wood grain that looked like water fooled me too! And I'd taken the picture only an hour or two before! If those plants thought summer was on the way they've learned different now, it's turned cold again.

  12. I’m a latecomer to this post. I like to get sidetracked and get thrilled with unexpected surprises. My favorite image is the ladybirds hanging in there among all the nice and interesting images.


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