Monday, 30 January 2012

Puddles And Pavements

After a period of rain I often find myself gazing at reflections in puddles - yes, I suppose I still retain my boyish desire to paddle and splash through them! Here's one near some building development, rendered in glorious monochrome.

And a city pavement after a shower of rain.

An upside-down image of St Botolph's Church in Cambridge.

Another monochrome, this time of the shadow of wrought iron gates lit by the evening sun.

It's always worth taking notice of the most mundane little puddle... may, when coupled with a low angle of view, have the power to transform the place where you live into some kind of Venetian wonderland!

Take care.


  1. Hi John! I thought at first that the shadow of the wrought iron gates was going to be my favourite, but then I found where you got down and dirty in the Venetian puddle; well done! Great photograph and creative thoughts happening....

  2. Fantastic collection of images, a variety of styles and subjects center around the theme of rain/reflections. The last shot is especially beautiful. And, I am glad you included the mundane puddle, as it deserves some attention as well :^)

  3. PPP..perfect puddle pictures..wonderful observations John, oh how I wish we had some puddles..

  4. Wonderful reflections John - I pparticularly like the gate one.

  5. Very nice. Perhaps I need to pay more respect to the lowly puddle instead of merely tromping through it.

  6. Imaginative images John! I shall look more closely at puddles in future.

  7. Another fascinating post with stunning series of
    reflection/shadow shots. I love all the photos, especially the first image for its interesting uniqueness, the third for its color component, and the fourth for the effect of soft evening sunlight. Don’t bump against something while walking face down on the lookout for the puddles, John.


  8. Carole: You don't know how accurate you were with "down and dirty" - geese had been leaving their mark!
    Grace: I would offer to export some puddles to Perth but I heard today that they're already talking about water shortages for next summer.
    To everyone else, especially Lord Jack, many thanks.

  9. I am always inspired by the skill evident in your photography, but would say its 'the eye' and the imagination wedded to the technical skill that produces such captivating images.


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