Monday, 2 January 2012

Guitar Heroes

A while ago I was wandering through the streets of my hometown when I came across a young man playing the guitar in a novel way. I've since come across others playing in this style. Looking at YouTube the other evening I came across what I think is the guitarist I saw in Cambridge.

His name is Stefan Joubert - that's all I can tell you.

Then I wondered about other odd ways of playing the instrument and few can be odder than this guitarist from Botswana....

...fancy fingering, eh?

Or perhaps Hannes Coetzee has the edge....

...fancy spooning!

Not so much a guitarist, but I'd love to encounter this fellow on the street...

But this must be the most fun that anyone has ever had with a guitar...

Take care.


  1. That series was absolutely terrific, John. I see that you are the kind of guy, who, when you get a question in your head -- "How many weird ways are there to play the guitar?" -- you are driven to find the answers. We benefit.

  2. What Jack said!! What a great musical post, loved the lady from Botswana's approach to guitar playing, that sound brought back a few memories of Africa for me! Thanks John.

  3. They all sound like different instruments - fascinating. I've long been a fan of the sound of slide guitar but these take it to a new level.

  4. Enjoyed each and everyone of those guitar players. Thanks for sharing that.

  5. I enjoyed each of these and although I totally enjoyed the fun in the last video; the one-man-band would've gotten my money for sure; what fun! They each were marvellous videos; thanks for sharing John.


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