Sunday 29 July 2012

Two Explanations: Three Odd Shots

I was playing around with a hide-clamp, a device to attatch your telescope to a convenient shelf in a bird hide. You can also use it as a camera clamp. For some reason I fixed it to the crossbar of my bicycle, then fitted the camera on top. I adjusted it so that the picture would include the handlebars and my hands. Set the self-timer to ten seconds and start pedalling down the road.
It's the kind of experiment where you hope that nobody you know comes around the corner and starts asking questions!

I was trying to find my way down to the river and chanced upon some sheds used to house rowing boats and oars. Glancing into the window I saw this dazzling white frame. I took a quick shot but didn't really understand what I was photographing. It's actually the window on the other, sunnier, side of the shed. If you look carefully you can see there's a roller-blind on that window and the sun is streaming in all around it, making the white frame. Everything in the shed is so dark that it's producing a wonderful reflection of the trees and bushes behind me. The reason I didn't explore further was that I was pretty certain that I was on private property. I could get to the river OK but there was no riverside path anyway. All I achieved was the enigmatic shot on the right.

Don't ask what this is though because I don't know! Found it in a builder's skip, it'd been taken out from a house which was having a lot of work done. It was actually shiny and is picking up reflected colours which I've strengthened on the computer.

I know this one though! It's a moorhen on the river near Bait's Bite Lock. Should've got included in the "Downriver" post. The composition's all "awry" of course but kind of makes you look at it. I hope!

Another queer composition this time just some rubbish in a fence. Rendered with that strange "not-quite-sepia" treatment that comes with Windows Live Photo Gallery which actually has some very nice B/W effects.

Take care.


  1. The river shot intrigues me. I love the ripples in the water with the distant foultry.

  2. You've given ma an idea. I have a Go-pro camera. It can be set to take a snapshot ever 10, 30 or so seconds. I could mount it on the handlebar of my bike and let it go as I ride around downtown. It would be interesting to see what it captured. Thanks for stimulating my little grey cells. Like the lily pad photo.

  3. Odd shots, but very interesting. I like the soft shades in the river photo.

  4. I love your take on the world you see. From abstract color to unusual sights, with moorhens along the way. There is always something fascinating to enjoy in your posts!

  5. Hello John, I've just chosen your blog for an award. I hope that is o.k. with you. Please do pop over and have a look! Jane xx

  6. What an interesting idea and shots you've got, love that colorful piece...

  7. I like the quirky nature of these shots John.

  8. I like your moorhen sailing over its own reflection. Nature isn't too concerned with 'composition'--I've found butterflies to be the least cooperative in getting a nicely centered shot.

  9. Clamps on Handlebars John.{:)
    I tried that by hanging around my neck a small point and shoot with the video switched on and speeding down over the hill in Castor and Ailsworth. It tended to rock about and made you sea sick watching it.
    It gave the wife a laugh anyway.


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