Wednesday 6 July 2011

In Dad's Footsteps

Dad in younger days on the meadows
 When Dad retired from work through ill-health he was told by the doctor that the best thing he could do to help his emphysema was to walk. Dad walked a little further each day till he could walk to Cambridge and back, a round trip of about five miles. He became a familiar sight walking through Grantchester Meadows carrying his backpack to bring home whatever bargains he could find in town. A week ago he would have had his 87th birthday and I found myself on Dad's route and, naturally enough, thinking about him.

Leaving Grantchester, Cambridge bound.
Dad always loved gardens and country life.

A favourite view.
He always stopped a while at this spot.
It's the place I think of him most.

The gate to the next meadow.
Another place to pause.

The weather wasn't perfect for photos but
that wouldn't have stopped my father;
he went to town whatever the weather.

A pocketful of walnuts could be found here,
to be carried home and saved for Christmas.

The butcher's at Newnham.

Newnham millpond.

And Silver Street Mill.
Whenever Dad came home from holiday there
were always lots of photos of boats.

Past the bike-shop.

And finally to the Market Square.

Take care.  


  1. How young your dad looked in that picture. That's how I remember him, from the time they were here. One of the times, anyway. I loved that you walked in "his" steps to Cambridge. A neat story, John and definitely one of my favorites!

  2. What a pretty walk. Are there walking paths like that everywhere? Farmers don't mind people walking in their fields? And to just walk to town! What a thought. It's about 12 miles here and would be a strenuous hike with these hills. I bet those walks were very good for your Dad, John. It brings him clearer in my mind, too. Thank you.

  3. A lovely way to remember your Dad -by walking in his footsteps - the millpond is so peaceful and I love the spot with the gate next to the meadow - I'm sure he must have enjoyed these walks in sunshine and in rain.

  4. Lovely memory of him John. I love Uncle Ted.

  5. Such a nice thing to be able to do John.

  6. I'm pleased that you all seem to have enjoyed the walk as much as Dad used to.
    Yes, Sue, England has quite a network of footpaths. Exactly how they came into being might make a subject for a future blog; when I used to lead groups of walkers the guests from overseas were always amazed by where you were allowed to walk in this country.

  7. I suspect that England has more lovely country walks than here in the US--so often here we have to stroll along a narrow back road--not the safest thing to do.
    Taking this route was a fine way to honor your father's memory.

  8. How nice to walk in your dad's footsteps and remember all the happy times you had with him.

  9. It looks a lovely walk and must be very special with all those memories.


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