Sunday, 13 July 2014


What kind of people might own these vehicles seen parked in and around Cambridgeshire? 

I know that my father and at least one of my cousins would have made up, surmised, invented or dreamed a story about each of these situations within a few minutes of passing by. How about you?

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  1. I like the bicycle shots, would like to have the motorcycle but the VW bus wins the show.

  2. Such a variety of different walks (cars) of life here John. I love the tank - who would want to pop down the local shop for a paper in one of the those??!

  3. Oh yes - I totally understand your father and cousins!

  4. A fascinating post John - love that first shot. I reckon the owners of all these vehicles could be described as "enthusiasts" of one type or another! Great shot of the steam engine too - I saw a couple in Cheshire during my recent visit there.

  5. I must admit my mind went to a "picture" of the owners of each one as I scrolled down the page! These are some beauties you have captured here.

  6. Here goes:
    pink bike- a woman who goes to farms supplying the farmers with beauty products for their show cows.
    motorbike- a guy who was afraid people would think he likes cops because the front of his bike has a pig like appearance. Better stick a cow on it.
    red car and old car- man with superb taste , an engineer perhaps
    wrecked green car- angry just-dumped young man whose ex liked to wear green
    bus- pop group that likes bubbly music and thinks Christians are weird
    beige car - a bureaucrat who cuts off big rigs by merging too slowly on to the highway
    steam engine- an old farmer who used to have a beautiful team of Percherons. He had to move to town so now he has an iron horse.
    white bike -vegetarian young woman into zen and simplicity
    tank - any man?

  7. A fashion aware environmentalist owns the bike in the first shot me thinks.

  8. Brilliant response from Jenny.. Cannot improve on that :) tres interesting selection of 'mode of transport' pics John!

  9. Well John, I WANT to own that pink bike in the first shop - it is definitely ME. Like I have always wanted a pink mini-Cooper - sad fact is that with the mini-Cooper I might be able to get into it but I am pretty sure I could no longer get out.
    As to that tank at the end - got to be some freak of a man.

  10. Great pics! I want that VW bus. That would be me!

  11. Quite the variety of vehicles! I would love to know who owns that VW bus and the tank. ;)

    I think I might borrow your idea and do a similar post one of these days.


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