Sunday, 4 May 2014

Picture This

Left-over junk. Just some bits and pieces left lying around in the blacksmith's shop at Thriplow and collecting that marvellous patina of rust, dust, soot and grease. The smithy is no longer in regular use and is only fired-up once a year for the Daffodil Weekend when an enthusiastic volunteer demonstrates the basics of the blacksmith's art.

Fallen petals form random patterns on a city pavement.

A nice day out. Vintage car (and vintage radio) enthusiasts are determined to enjoy their day despite the grey skies. The car is a Morris Traveller.

A week or two ago I published a picture of the patterns made by sunlight shining through a church window. I took several similar shots that day - this is what you get if you sandwich two of them together with a bit of technical trickery.

Aaaaaah! The ducks that nest next to the ornamental pond in the grounds of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, are particularly trusting of human company. When the youngsters are a little older, mother will march them through the streets of Cambridge down to the river. It happens every year but I've only witnessed it once - I didn't have a camera with me of course!

A somewhat battered front door in a Cambridge street - I'd rather photograph it than live behind it!

"Dance The Dream" by Carl Payne. An exhibit at the Great British Sculpture Show 2014 at Hatfield House. If you can't afford the £17,500 for this life-size bronze, then it's also available in a scaled-down, 17 inch high, version. A snip at just under £400. 
My photo seemed to work best in this "not-quite-sepia" rendition.

Mr Drake has his eye on you. This was also taken among the tame ducks at Emmanuel College.

Cool and classical. Emmanuel College once again.

Take care.


  1. What beautiful lines and motion in "Dance the Dream." The feathers on the duck are just like brush strokes. Handsome fellow. Perfect proportions at Emmanuel College. They sure knew how to build back then.

  2. A nice collection of photos. I love the lanterns in the first one. We had a similar one, I think from my grandpa's attic, for camping when we were young. I wonder what happened to it.

  3. Wonderful. You have three sepia (or at least monochrome/minimal color) that are marvelous. And the rose sets them off wonderfully.

  4. Oh such lovely photos! I liked them all -- the ducks and the couple by the car being my favorite. I thought that the colorful staked cloth surrounding the couple something extra special for the photo.I have not seen these cloths in the U.S. -- barbara -- FOLKWAYS NOTEBOOK

  5. Wonderful photos, - thank you for sharing. Loved the wee ducklings and your tricks with the sunlight and shadows, John.

  6. Mother Duck and her little brood, I hope she manages to keep them for a long while together; a really nice shot John; and Mr Drake photograph too. Cheers...

  7. Your photos are eclectic and wonderful! I enjoyed this post VERY much.

  8. Love every one of these images John but j'adore the last one of the arches of Emmanuel College.. The rose is beautifully shot, the colour divine!

  9. A lovely collection of eclectic images. I love the pic of the ducklings. We once rescued ducklings whose nest was destroyed when hay was being cut. A hen happily reared them but was very dismayed when one day they went swimming in the stream at the back of the house! Super composition of the arches.

  10. A lovely collection! I always have a nice time browsing through them and reading about each one. Thanks John!

  11. A super collection of photos! I love the first one in the blacksmith's shop and your sepia one of the statue. I'd love to see those little ducklings waddling their way through the Cambridge streets:)


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