Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Three Hundred (At Last)

Ain't it just like me to stop blogging when only two posts away from my 300th! Some posts have been visited over 1,000 times while others loiter friendless and alone. So here are some of the pictures which have been largely unseen - if "Stats" are to be believed.

 Meldreth Open Gardens - a very early outing.

Paxton Pits Nature reserve.
If those daisies look familiar it's because they're part of the title banner at the top of the page.

Berry Fen - with a bit of a tweak on the computer.

Bressingham Gardens in Norfolk - one of my Dad's favourite places.

The sky as I left off work one evening.

  And finally some death-defying snails...

What more can I say!

Take care


  1. Great sunset photo with the God's rays. Okay, now get busy with the next 300.

  2. Love your Bressingham colours. Glad you are back!

  3. what a great collection of shots - love the colourful flowers and those snails!

  4. Beautiful Bressingham blooms, a happy look back! Those death-defying snails are also deserving of more views.

  5. "Congratulations on 300 great postings, - can't imagine why the photos you have put up could have been ignored, - they are quite lovely.

  6. at least you've come back John! Matters not the gap; 'tis like old friends who don't get to see one another over the years but when they do, it's 'just like yesterday'. Paxton Pits reserve makes for a sweet photograph, beautifully decorated by Mother Nature with that carpet of daisies. How would've a photo been laying flat on your stomach over those daisies with your lens pointed over to the white swan? I haven't tried that for myself but I'd be half tempted if it were dry. The flowers are colourful in Bressingham Gardens. Cheers.

  7. John (and Sinbad): Keeping busy is not a problem in my life!
    Claggle: Nice to hear from you again.
    Louise, Lulu and Hildred: thanks for your kind comments.
    Carole: I think the reeds in the mid-distance would have got in front of the swan if I'd done that. It was a while ago but I seem to remember waiting an awfully long while for the swan to move, which it steadfastly refused to do.

  8. Those snails may not be fast but they sure are risk-takers! ;)

  9. Love that last photo:):) When I'm in Suffolk we go to Bressingham Gardens, the boys love the steam trains and I love the museum. And I can't believe that no-one looked at that beautiful photo of the evening sky!

  10. Speechless with admiration of those snails! Love the Berry Fen photo too--ethereal. I'm glad you reposted these.

  11. Rowan and Sue: Plucky little felloows, aren't they?

  12. I'm sure stats are not to be believed. I've had two on the go most of the time I've had the blog (one on the page and bloggers own counter) and I notice that they both register visits that the other doesn't know about. I've got a low enough traffic that sometimes I notice that people can sneak in and leave a comment without either counter knowing about it. Goodness knows who really visits.


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