Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ten Things To Do At The Seaside

A trip to Lowestoft on England's East Coast at the weekend. In fact it's the most easterly point in the UK. Here are some things you can do while you're there:

1.  Wander through the colourful gardens and admire the typical "seaside" architecture.

2.  Sit on the beach near to what remains of Claremont Pier.

3.  Shelter behind your windbreak. It's adversity that brings families together!

4. Watch the birds - while the birds watch you!

5. Visit the pavilion.

6. Eat Fish'n'Chips - always taste so much better on the coast.

7. Play in the water.

8. Practice for the next Olympics.

9. Go out on the open sea to take pictures of the sailing.

10. Or cheat by taking shots through the harbour entrance!

Take care.


  1. There is nothing to compare with a breath of sea air. A lovely day at the beach.

  2. Looks as though you had really lovely weather and everyone looks as though they are having a good time. I'm another one who would rather be in the harbour entrance than out on the open sea!

  3. Great tour, thanks John. The ladies playing beach volleyball will need to learn to dress for the game if they're going to make the Olympics.

  4. This brought back memories John. When I was young my elder sister lived in Lowestoft and I spent many holidays there. I must say it looks a nicer place now - in those days it was a bit run down.

  5. Lovely day at the seaside and no excuse for sitting around and reading a book, or having a little nap in the sea air.

  6. Another fine series, John. You are moving around the country this summer!


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