Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sights Along The Road

Another high-value, several-for-the-price-of-one post about things encountered along the crooked roads of England.


In these days of economic hardship it's as well to hedge your bets and spread the risk. This butcher's shop in Newnham, Cambridge has countered the growing trend for vegetarianism by selling a wide range of fruit and veg. He still sells meat too.

Up On The Roof

Oh yes, more whimsical wildlife added by our local thatcher, an excellent rendition of duck and ducklings. But I was rather disappointed with his attempt at a squirrel which falls below the usual high standard....

...But it didn't stop this little chap coming to investigate...

Meanwhile on another rooftop an extra layer of insulation has been added in the form of doves. (83 to save you the bother of counting). The lady who lives there started feeding a few doves some years ago and word has spread....

Sign Of The Times

Some problems have been with us for longer than you might think!

In A Country Church

On the pew ends in Cottenham church are these wonderful carvings which represent fenland trees and plants.

In A City Church

In Great Saint Mary's Church in Cambridge is this lovely Madonna and Child. It's quite small and wouldn't attract the attention of most people who visit this large church. But it was carved by the woodwork teacher from my old school, Loughran Pendred, a man who had a delightful way of singing "Time-to-pack-up-now!" at the end of each lesson. He once advised me "Move your fingers away from the blade of the saw, laddie, you'll need 'em for next week's lesson!". One of the few pieces of teacherly advice which I'm glad I followed.


"What the devil is that?" I hear you say. Follow this link for the answer.

Take care.


  1. Seems like your butcher has 'diversified'. I agree the squirrel doesn't quite make the grade does he; funny though to see the real guy up there! I might wonder if they'd nest in that material/thatching? Isn't it wonderful how little sayings (from your woodwork teacher), stick with us? How wonderfully useful and unique the swift tower! Great creativity by all involved and so useful (for the swifts) Neat post John.

  2. An excellent pot pourri of a blog. Ducks and somewhat mangled squirrels make a change from straw pheasants on thatched roofs. I'm always a sucker for church goodies (especially when you've a connection to it - and the man to thank for a full set of fingers - funnily, one of my woodwork teachers from school was the only teacher I had who called us "Laddie" and I have a full set of fingers too)
    Does the swift tower have any residents?

  3. How long before the butcher adds a pharmacy and clothing? And I've known several woodworkers who were missing fingers or parts of fingers.

  4. I really enjoyed this diverse collection. I sometimes feel I have to have a theme to my blogs, you have just proved me wrong! Jane xx

  5. You may not think it looks like a squirrel John but the squirrel obviously did! As to that last photo - I think it is a giant waffle maker. Love your photographic tours of the countryside.

  6. Anywhere you wander, please take me along. Nice onions in that shot. Would love to have that stand nearby.

  7. What I am wondering is just what defines 'committing a nuisance'???? Would the act be worth the action against it???

  8. The decorations along the ridgeline of the thatch roof are spectacular!

    What on earth is that lady doing, attracting pigeons/doves? It must be filthy around there!

  9. I bet the Lady with the Doves wished she had never started that John, probably not the only thing that has spread.? - Over the roof that is.{:)

  10. A great photographic tour!

  11. Well, I'd never have guessed your puzzle pic!

  12. A wonderful tour, John. What a delight it must have been to find a piece of your former teacher's handiwork and so pleased you followed his advice which enabled you to keep all digits intact! Marvellous artistry on the thatching too. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.


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