Sunday, 1 April 2012

Full Circle

Last year we followed the Swan Family of the Mill, Grantchester as they raised their family of six. That brood has now left the family to make their way in the world, joining up with other youngsters to laze and romance their way through summer, without a care or responsibility in the world.

                                                                                                                                                                    Meanwhile back on exactly the same spot Mrs Swan has begun nest building once again, pulling up weed and debris around her to make a dry platform. Father was nowhere to be seen but he usually joins in the construction project, collecting material for the female to make the nest.

I left her to her housebuilding and had a look around the millpond. Kingcups were blooming on the little island behind the Old Vicarage....

....and the footbridge leading to the island looked as attractive as ever.

Our swan was reaching further and further to find reeds and weeds....

 ....and getting rather ambitious in her choice of building material....


On a completely different subject Rajesh Dangi of Bangalore Daily Photo has just completed six years of posting a photo a day; wonderful "slice of life" pictures from the streets of his home city. Pay him a visit sometime.

Take care.


  1. One of my fondest memories of Cambridge was watching a pair of swans come down the river---and I think it was near Grantchester--I was enchanted--it felt so English!

  2. Beautiful swan photographs John - really an intimate look into their lives. Am just off over to Bangalore Daily Photo for a look.

  3. Amazing what birds can do just with their beaks. It will be a sturdy nest if she's reinforcing it with sticks. Thanks for the link to Bangalore Daily Photo. My sister lives in northern India so I've seen pictures of that area, but the south is different. Lots of interesting, colourful photo's on his blog.

  4. loving your swan-watch John; delightful photos each one. The green bridge photograph is a lovely setting and enjoyed the Kingcups; had never seen them before. Looks like a lovely walk you had that day with lots of goodies in your camera. Will check out the Bangalore link. What an achievement!

  5. An interesting series of photos, John.

  6. I'm wondering how long it will be before you see a clutch of little cygnets John .... your capture of the bridge is delightful!
    I must take a visit to Bangalore Daily Photo ... six years of daily postings is a real accomplishment.

    1. Last year I was first aware of fluffy little cygnets in the nest on May 24th, if anything they seem to be building a little earlier this year. You can follow their year by clicking on the "swanwatch" label in the right hand sidebar.

  7. I'm really glad I don't have to start building a new 'home' again every year!

  8. I've just been to an outback lake downunder in Australia with hundreds of black swans! There's only a small wild population of white swans down here that I've never seen, so lovely to see them in their natural habitat!

  9. A busy swan - I hope you escaped unhurt. Swans can get angry!

  10. Thanks for your comments, we find the odd black swan here - escapes from wildfowl collections, they seem to survive but as yet there doesn't seem to be a growing population.


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