Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Bicycle Before The Storm

Winter is forecast to return this week so I took the opportunity to get the bike out and see the countryside before it disappears beneath a blanket of snow. Actually it seems unlikely that the snow will reach this far south despite the dire warnings in the papers. But any excuse to pedal along country roads and byways.......

 There was a touch of frost after a clear night,
but the cowslips were bravely waiting for the sun.

 A country church appearing through the mist?
just a happy arrangement of farm buildings!

Malton Lane,
a Yellowhammer sang from the tree,
a small flock of Golden Plovers
darted across the road.

Into Orwell village.

Sheep in the field,
a rare sight these days around here.

Lambs on the Wimpole Estate. Aaaaah!

OK, just one more!

And a shire horse if we must!

Then it was off-road
and on to a bridleway,
mainly for horse-riders but
Bicycles are allowed too.

The track led into a small wood...

...with a fine show of violets.
A Buzzard mewed overhead
and a herd of Fallow Deer were seen too.

The map showed an old moat.
Probably once the site of a manor house
or farmhouse.

I eventually reached Hayley Wood.
Plenty of Dog's Mercury around,
a plant which is said to be an indicator of ancient woodland.

And also a few
early Bluebells.

Take care. 


  1. John: Thanks for taking me a long on your bike ride. Snow for this week? It sounds as though you've found my lost winter!

  2. What a lovely ride - I enjoyed the trip, especially as it's been pouring with rain here all day!

  3. What a great trip-I enjoyed it-especially the lambs : )

  4. What a wonderful bike ride you had John! You have cheered a dull and rainy day no end! A super post with delightful images!

  5. A lovely ride, John. And I'm glad someone is experiencing a spring with some semblance of normalcy. We keep seeing extended forecasts with highs in the low 70s, but when the day arrives it's closer to 90. That's much too hot for this time of year!

  6. Breathtakingly beautiful...
    I am at a loss for words except ahhhhhhh.
    THank you for sharing, it made my day so much sweeter.

  7. Thanks for taking us along. It's hard to believe snow is on the way. It looks way too spring like, but winter does have a sneaky way of returning now and then.

  8. Great bike ride. I need to stop more often when riding my bike I see.

  9. Violets, Cowslips and Bluebells, surely winter can`t return now, can it? ;) A lovely trip John, much enjoyed.
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  10. I'm wondering if the snow did eventually reach you John? Everything from the lambs to the spring flowers would suggest that winter should be gone! A very delightful 'virtual' walk, thank you.

  11. Feeling the wind and pedaling on the slight curving lane to the lovely village, to the pastoral landscape, and off the road into the wood, is free and comfortable. It’s such a lovely bike tour and no one would imagine you’d feel sick later. I think I know how you were upset, but I’m happy for you that all’s well that ends well thanks to the people with heart of gold.

  12. I grew up in the small town of Orwell, Vermont [USA] While traveling in Prince Edward Island, Canada we discovered another rural hamlet called Orwell.
    Lovely photos--I like to revisit your posts when I have time to really enjoy your walks and bike rides with the camera.

  13. Thanks for all those lovely comments. Well, winter never reappeared as the forecasters had threatened; not to this part of the country anyway though a little further north they had snow (as some of you know only too well). As far as I know there are no other Orwells in the UK, though there's a river of that name in Suffolk, maybe there's a connection.


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