Friday, 24 February 2012

Strange Days

Yesterday's temperature:  17C (about 63F)
Less than two weeks ago: minus 13C (about 5F or c-c-c-cold)

I'm confused and so are the plants our gardens. Snowdrops are still in the process of opening up but here come the crocuses, bursting into flower in even the shadiest parts of the garden. Just in case you've forgotten this is what it was like less than two weeks past....

....Brrrrrrr!  Yes, that's frost on the hedge, not some glittery Christmas decoration. And now....

....I'm wandering about in shirt-sleeves snapping away at crocus and....

....pulmonaria. Now I'm sure that usually doesn't flower in February, certainly not in the full shade in the coldest part of the garden, which is where this poor thing is stationed. Part of the reason for such unseasonal blooming must be the dry soil which is warming up more rapidly than the sodden mess which is usual at this time of year. The bright days which we're experiencing at the moment may also play its part by fooling the plants into thinking that the days are getting longer; it's been really light both in the mornings and in the evenings lately.

I haven't even thought much about the garden yet. Gardeners everywhere have been caught with their trowels down! Meanwhile here's a shot that I've just snapped out of the window, the dawning of another fine day according to the weather forecast.

Take care.


  1. 17 deg. Celcius would be most welcome I’m sure; hopefully it holds on now. Your winter/our summer both ‘mild’ in comparison to previous years. Wondering what your first flower photograph is; I really love those; that’s a very sweet photograph, would make a great card-front. Oh lilac coloure crocus too and pulmonaria, hadn’t heard of that one at all. Oh and capping it off with a delightful dawn; great post John! Enjoy the beautiful days ahead…

  2. I envy you that garden (and photos). I have seen snowdrops, but anything else is for the professional gardener.

  3. Yes, it is the same here John. I love your expression about gardeners being caught with their trowels down. Is it original? If so, you are very clever and should be comedy writing!

  4. Things are a bit slower here becuase we've had so many grey, gloomy, drizzly days! Today is another. Yesterday the sun shone all afternoon and it was pretty sunny on Sunday, and on the 1st Feb, but aside from that it's been pretty dull around here! Crocuses are poking out but not quite open.

  5. Gorgeous photo of the sunrise. Hope you get some rain.

  6. This is madness. You are describing April but it is only the third week of February.

  7. I love your crocus photographs, especially the first. All is growing and springlike in Wiltshire too and the birds are singing like mad! Jane x

  8. Those crocus are gorgeous! We've got things popping out in the warmer weather too...

  9. I'd just like to say how much I enjoy your comments (and your blogs) Thanks, everybody.


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