Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Answers To The Quiz And Some Action!

 Answers to the Christmas quiz:

Mr and Mrs Bickering and their children were out for a walk in the
country. Roger had stolen Cleo's bronze bracelet and had torn the badge..
..right off her cape. "I've broken the clip on your badge," he laughed,
"and you've got enormous ears!" "Do I always have to tell you of f, Rog er,"
said Dad, " that's the sixth or seventh time today".
"Just keep ignoring him," said Mum shrewdly, "he only misbehaves..
..to attract attention."
"It's such a drab bit of countryside," Roger complained, "and we must be..
..a ver y long way from home."
"We might be a really long way from home if the car won't start. I hate
to admit it but the car I bought in Rotherham's terrible," said Dad,
"I wish I'd bought a new T oyota. They've got terrific acceleration,
they really do go like a bullet."
They came, later that day, to a steep and attractive valley. "I'd
pre fer returning that way." said Cleo. "Pardon me," said Roger, "but
I want to go a totally different route back."
"It's no use always arguing," said Dad, "You both are wrong;
there's a sign up there which implies we go this way."
"Well, I only wanted to see some animals," said Cleo,
"we never see any on our walks!"

Well, how did you get on? "Ant" and "tit" weren't supposed to be there but clever children kept finding them!

You may like to see action shots of the Grantchester Barrel Race. This video was shot by my brother:

Take care.


  1. I missed lion, gnu, ape and rat but I spotted ewe (home We) - does that count? Really enjoyed doing this:)

  2. Ewe! Amazing, no one's ever spotted that before!

  3. I didn't play, but this looks like it would be entertaining.

  4. Missed this cloze procedure exercise John - looks as though it was fun.


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